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Who is the Snichim Foundation?

We are a Non-profit Foundation revitalizing the language of the Squamish People.

What do we do?

We provide immersion language opportunities for adult learners, creating an abundance of fluent Squamish Language speakers at an accelerated rate.

What is our main goal?

We are committed to carrying on the work of our ancestors and being prosperous, improving the quality of lives for Squamish language speakers.

Who is our target audience?
  • Non-speaking people of Squamish ancestry (to do certificate/diploma programs)
  • Past students who have completed certificate and can now do the diploma program
What does a day in immersion look like?

A Day In The Life document can be found here.

How can you support the Sníchim Foundation?

Belong to the movement to improve the quality of life for your Indigenous neighbours by revitalizing the Squamish language and contributing to their prosperity. Donate here.

How can you become a funder of the Sníchim Foundation?

Fill out our donate page to become a funder.


The Sníchim Foundation runs on funding from government, foundations, and philanthropists, but we can do more with donations from the public. With your generous support, our organization is able to do this essential and urgent work, and your donation will directly fund initiatives like our Language Centre Fund and support job creation for graduates of the diploma program as new language teachers.

We are grateful for every dollar donated to support our very special and sacred work.